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We continue to invest in building industry specific solutions on Pega platform. These solutions provide much of the heavy lifting offering a quicker return on investment.



Delegate Authority Accelerator

Delegated Authority Accelerator is a pre-built accelerator application for Delegated Authority in Insurance. It speeds up the delivery of Delegated Authority implementation on Pega platform. With an advanced feature set and highly configurable behaviour, our customers can be sure that they will meet the ever-changing compliance requirements. We would be delighted to talk about it, just email us at

Service Registry Management

Service Registry Management acts as a central system of record for London Insurance Market participants such as Brokers, Carriers, Coverholders & TPAs. It maintains relationships and dependencies between these participants and at the same time offering a number of features such as onboarding, servicing requests, information sharing etc. Get in touch with us at to find out more!