We continue to invest in building industry-specific solutions on Pega and Salesforce platforms. These solutions provide much of the heavy lifting offering a quicker return on investment.

Industry Solutions

Our Solutions

Delegated Authority Accelerator
Pega - Insurance

Delegated Authority Accelerator helps us accelerate delivery of Delegated Authority solutions in Insurance. With an advanced feature set and highly configurable behaviour covering Coverholder and TPA onboarding, Coverholder Risk and Due Diligence (CRDD), binder contract creation and renewals, MTAs, risk profiling and reporting, we expect to save between 30% and 50% of the overall effort.

Test Automation Accelerator
Pega - Testing

Test Automation Accelerator helps speed up testing with the use of automated testing. By converting system and manual test scripts into Selenium-based automated tests we reduce regression testing effort and improve quality. Test Automation ties in closely with the DevOps principle of continuous integration.

Service Registry Management
Pega - Insurance

Service Registry Management is meant for London Insurance Market participants. It offers a number of  features such as onboarding, servicing requests, information sharing between Brokers, Carriers, Coverholders and TPAs. It also manages and maintains the relationships between these participants.

KSA Integration Accelerator
Pega - Integration

KSA Integration Accelerator is a family of reusable integration assets for Saudi Arabia that help our customers reduce their delivery cycles by plugging these into their applications, so they can focus on their business requirements rather than technical aspects.

Commercial Real Estate Accelerator
Salesforce - Real Estate

The CRE Accelerator is designed for commercial real estate businesses to effectively manage the sales process for the Lead Management to Contract cycle. It provides a framework for real estate companies to manage property inventories for commercial, residential & land/plots properties, lead & opportunity pipelines, generate proposals & quotes, maintain contract information and lease agreements. The framework provides foundation processes that can be further configured and enhanced to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Sales & Distribution Management Solution
Salesforce - Sales & Distribution

The Sales and Distribution Management solution (DMS) is designed for businesses engaged in sales and distribution of products through their own direct distribution operations or indirectly through channel partners like distributors / dealers to their retail networks / customers. The solution provides sales functions for lead, opportunity management and orders, distribution activities like visits and route planning, visits execution, outlet coverage, taking orders, delivering goods, issuing invoices & collecting payments, performing stock checks, reporting on accounts receivables and stock ledger.

Hospitality – Sales & CRM Solution
Salesforce - Sales & CRM Solution

The Hospitality Sales & CRM solution is designed for hospitality businesses focussed on engaging with customers across corporate and retail segment to manage sales opportunities for corporate customers, groups and individual customers. The solution provides sales executives complete visibility to hotel properties and functionality to manage sales from initial lead generation to nurturing opportunities till sales order and contract stages.The solution is suitable for hospitality groups with multiple properties spread across geographies and properties designed for the various customer segments.