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About Process360

Meet the Company

We are a software firm that provides a range of end to end consultancy and professional services to our customers across geographies and verticals on Pega BPM platform. With offices in London, UK and Hyderabad, India we can deliver quality services to our customers globally whilst keeping costs low. We operate on onsite and onsite / offshore models and engage closely with our customers to drive their success.

Our Vision

“To constantly add value to our customers and help reinvent themselves to meet the demands of industry and stay ahead of their competition.”

Our Mission

  • Customer success – Single most important goal and we will do what it takes for you to achieve it.
  • Customer alignment – Aligning our goals with those of our customers.
  • Organization culture – Encouraging leadership and free thinking.
  • Commitment – Reward success and accept failure.
  • Keep learning – Seeking help when we need it without reservations.
  • Feeling proud – We take pride in our diversity, service and company.

Our Promise

  • Complete focus on customer success
  • Customer empowerment
  • Success through collaboration
  • Quick return on investment
  • Demonstrable benefits

Our Approach

We work to empower our customers by giving them the right information so that they can make right choices. We believe this is the best way to drive customer success and it’s our customers who know what is best for their business. We only play a supporting role in helping them derive maximum benefits from the use of technology. Every consultant that works for us is well aware of our approach and puts customer success at the top of their agenda.

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