Digital transformation provides industry with unparalleled opportunities for value creation. As industries transform and new industries emerge, we help our clients keep pace with this change through low-code solutions powered by AI/ML & robotics automation on Pega and Salesforce platforms

Dealer Management Solution in UK


Although our focus in on Insurance, Banking, Telco and Government, we are always happy to work in other domains as we believe our ethos and constant focus on customer success makes it possible for us to be effective wherever we work. Our passion to see customers derive the maximum benefit from our platforms helps us break new grounds and find ways of helping our customers succeed in ways that they would not have thought before.

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As experts in digital transformation we bring value through the following best practices, tools, industry-aligned frameworks to the verticals of our focus: 

  • Rapid Deployment / Agile Approach
  • Open Standards
  • ‘Digital First’ Customer Experience
  • Industry Accelerators
  • Global Design and Data Standards
  • GDPR


Public sector bodies are rapidly implementing digital transformation strategies to improve their engagement with citizens, deliver better public services, cut costs and to help deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have helped several government entities and ministries in offering these digital public services and enhancing digital engagement in key areas that include inland revenues, judiciary, human resources, education, labour, planning development and social welfare.

We understand the challenges  of dealing with bureaucracy, legacy systems and processes, the demands of working in a regulated environment, yet delivering to the demands of their digital consumers.

We provide services across the entire cycle of digital process automation and inter-departmental process/data orchestration guided by a journey centric approach.

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Banks in current times need to embrace emerging technology, remain flexible to adopt evolving business models, and put customers at the center of every strategy.

We help our banking clients in deploying industry solutions in the areas of Payment Investigations, Customer Service, CRM, Client Lifecycle Management & KYC, Sales Automation and Marketing, besides others.

Whether it’s retail, commercial, investment banking or wealth management, our teams have the expertise to understand your business needs and deliver solutions that fully meet your expectations.


We collaborate with insurers on both large-scale transformation programs and targeted solutions . Our specific offerings include solutions on ACORD messaging standards, underwriting, premium & claims processing, binders, proportional treaties, delegated authority and product configuration.

We have successfully delivered a number of insurance solutions with leading carriers and their broker networks.

Our inhouse developed Delegated Authority Accelerator for the insurance industry  reduces the time to market, costs and offers better ROI by offering a robust, industry-ready solution for due diligence, onboarding and managing binders, coverholders and DCAs.

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As telcos undergo digital transformation, they evolve from communications services providers (CSPs) to digital services providers (DSPs).

We help our CSP customers on this journey by delivering digital solutions for  billing, collections, customer service, CRM, sales automation and marketing.

We possess deep domain knowledge of the industry, business processes, CSP centric frameworks having successfully delivered the above for some very large CSP clients around the globe.

Our solutions are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing our customers to respond to changing business parameters, business models without needing  extensive deployment of software.


Manufacturing companies are increasingly focussing on digitally transforming their business operations and automating business processes to adapt to current demands and increased customer expectations.

Process360 offers services and solutions to address salesforce automation and trade marketing & distributor/dealer management processes for companies across automotive, consumer durables, consumer goods, medical devices, pharma and other manufacturing organisations. 

Our DMS Accelerator provides a framework to manage complete visibility of  sales, stocks and receivables across the distribution channel while enabling the field force to effectively plan and execute customer visits for trade marketing and distribution .

Our consultants have broad experience to implement solutions for effective distributor/dealer management and increase customer engagement. 

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Real Estate

In the current economic crisis, Real Estate companies need to ensure continuation of tenancy and provide safe workplaces while also offering lease options at highly reduced prices.    Our Real Estate Accelerator provides a framework for the lead to contract sales process to manage property inventories for commercial, residential and land/plot properties, negotiate lease terms, alerts for upcoming lease renewals,  generate proposals and maintain lease contracts.   Real Estate Accelerator can be enhanced to design a workspace management solution for companies that provide workplace and facilities management services.   Please check out our Real Estate Accelerator for further details.


In the post-Covid lockdown phase, the hospitality industry is facing the challenge of uncertainty, high vacancy due to reduced business, increased costs to manage the health & safety of customers and employees and above all, a greater need for engaging with customers through the digital channels.  Loss of revenue and uncertainty have also led to reduced funds availability as investors are hesitant to invest in the industry.

The hospitality industry is in dire need of recovering fast and being profitable. To address this need, we at Process360 have created a Salesforce based Hospitality Sales and CRM Accelerator that digitally enables the Marketing & Sales Operations to effectively manage sales resulting in
– higher lead conversions
– a view of the opportunity pipeline that enables focus on key deals
– a record of customers’ digital IDs for supporting contactless interaction
– efficient contract management and renewals to secure increased sales revenues


Hospitality Industry