Although our focus in on Insurance, Banking, Telco and Government, we are always happy to work in other domains as we believe our ethos and constant focus on customer success makes it possible for us to be effective wherever we work. Our passion to see customers derive the maximum benefit from our platforms helps us break new grounds and find ways of helping our customers succeed in ways that they would not have thought before.


Insurance is a key area of focus for us and we possess deep expertise in various areas including ACORD messaging standards, underwriting, premium & claims processing, binders, proportional treaties, delegated authority and product configuration.

We have successfully delivered a number of insurance solutions in the past and have been involved in some major transformation programmes.

We have our own Delegated Authority Accelerator which reduces the time to market, costs and offers better ROI by offering a robust, industry-ready solution for due diligence and managing binders, coverholders, TPAs etc.


We have a long and varied experience in banking which includes a number of banking industry solutions such as Payment Investigations, Customer Service, CRM, Client Lifecycle Management & KYC, Sales Automation and Marketing.

Whether it’s retail, commercial, investment banking or wealth management, our teams have the expertise to understand your business needs and deliver solutions that fully meet your expectations. Not only that, we constantly try to find ways where we can contribute to improving the way business is conducted.


We have expertise in a number of Telco industry solutions, having delivered billing, collections, customer service, CRM, sales automation and marketing projects across geograhies.

We possess deep domain knowledge of the industry and its business processes and have some very large clients for whom we have delivered successful solutions.

Our approach our design with flexibility in mind, allowing our customers to respond to changing business parameters without needing deployment of software.


We have worked in a number of different areas in Government sector, ranging from inland revenues, judiciary, human resources and labour, planning and development, education, public services and welfare. We understand the challenges around complicated processes, information security, compliance and audit and have delivered solutions that address these effectively while focussing on the goals of the customer.

We can contribute in any area that involves digital process automation and inter-department process/data orchestration with our promise to fully meet your expectations.