Our Delegated Authority Accelerator is designed to meet the ever-changing needs of risk assessment, compliance, contract renewals and due diligence for the Delegated Authority business. It helps reduce human errors, provides a clear picture of the current state of compliance, risk and due diligence. It also allows business to define their own business rules to assess risks, frequency, timelines etc.

Delegated authority
Delegated Authority Accelerator

Delegated Authority ACCELERATOR

Process360’s Delegated Authority Accelerator uses Pega platform to speed up delivery of Delegated Authority Solutions.  The scope includes Coverholder and TPA onboarding and renewals, Coverholder Risk and Due Diligence (CRDD), binder contract creation and renewals, MTAs, risk profiling and reporting.

The Delegated Authority Accelerator allows businesses to define their own rules such as the level of due diligence compliance for risk categorisation. By using a highly configurable data model, businesses can respond to the ever-changing business, regulatory and compliance requirements quickly.

Delegated Authority

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