The FINS Loan Origination Solution (LOS) is designed for financial services businesses focussed on engaging with customers across corporate and retail segment to manage lead sourcing and selling loans to individuals and business customers.

The solution provides complete visibility and end-to-end management of the sales functions from campaign management to generate leads from various channels to nurturing leads from qualification to loan processing. Managing the customer journey from customer profiling and on-boarding to assessing the customer’s credit ratings, managing the loan application through various application processing stages to disbursing the loan, maintaining the amortization schedule, collections and alerts for timely collections to minimize delayed payments. 

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Loan Origination Solution

Loan Origination Solution (LOS)

The solution enables sales executives with the ability to generate leads and qualify leads for efficient handling to maintain high conversion ratios. Relationship managers (RMs) will have complete visibility of the customer’s profile and status of the loan applications to enhance customer experience. The application provides a view of the customer’s payment history and view to other loan accounts and financial accounts of the customer to target cross-sell and up-sell opportunities in the future.

The solution offers a 360 view of your customers and provides flexibility to be adapted to the requirements of a broad spectrum of financial services companies offering loans and other financial services like advisory and wealth management services.

The solution framework is built on the Salesforce Cloud CRM solution and offers you the flexibility to adapt the processes to your organization’s processes while maintaining a tightly coupled integration with your other financial systems and loan management systems to provide an integrated view of your customer engagements. 

The solution can be extended to manage marketing campaigns and customer service functionality to provide a complete and superior customer experience to your customers.

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Loan Origination Solution

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