Every year the IT industry suffers losses of hundreds of billions of dollars in failed projects, defective systems and delays. A key cause is a lack of a disciplined approach to software testing. 

While manual testing is necessary for all implementations, the IT industry will greatly benefit from a repeatable and automated approach that does not require effort, improves consistency and reduces testing cycles.

Our Test Automation Accelerator is designed to meet these objectives.

Test Automation Accelerator

Why Automate Testing

Automated testing is about testing software products to minimise human intervention and maximise quality. We believe that automated testing is a key enabler for DevOps for our clients.

Process360’s Test Automation Accelerator is designed to speed up testing by automating regression cycles, and hooking into DevOps pipelines. 

Process360’s Test Automation Accelerator offers a multitude of benefits. The initial cost of test automation is recovered many times over not only with reduced effort but also with improved quality and faster deployments.

Test Automation Accelerator

Test     Automate     Deploy    Repeat

Test 1
automate 1
Deploy 1
Repeat 1

Test Automation Journey

The Test Automation Accelerator is designed to support the end to end test automation journey in an organisation. It has the necessary hooks to plug into DevOps CI/CD pipeline, making it a key enabler for realising DevOps vision.