The User Provisioning Accelerator simplifies the task of onboarding users to Pega applications. 

The accelerator is a pluggable, self-service module that integrates with an organization’s IAM system to make the process of user creation, permissions management and onboarding straightforward. 


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User Provisioning Accelerator

User Provisioning

Often, user provisioning is an afterthought in implementing applications. Teams realize the need for user provisioning late in the implementation cycle which sometimes delays the launch of applications. 

The existing Pega solutions do not provide a controlled, approvals-driven user provisioning solution. The existing solutions that allow bulk creation of users have potential for human errors leading to users being given wrong access or, worse still, elevated access, which the administrators will know only if the user decides to inform them. Besides, there is no audit of the user creation and approval. An there is no user creation dasboard for administrators or approvers.

Process360’s User Provisioning Accelerator (UPA) solves this problem by introducing a pluggable, approvals-driven self-service module for the creation of users.

It offers the following features:

  • Integration with an organization’s IAM system to use a single identity per user
  • Self-service allows users to request access to applications and roles
  • Configurable approvals process; different applications and roles could have different approvers
  • Bulk approvals
  • Dashboards
User Provision v5
User Provision v4

User Provisioning

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Self Service
Approvals Driven

User Provisioning Accelerator

Administrator's Dashboard

Approver's Dashboard