The CRE Accelerator is designed for commercial real estate businesses to effectively manage the sales process for the Lead Management to Contract cycle. It provides a framework for real estate companies to manage property inventories for commercial, residential & land/plots properties, lead & opportunity pipelines, generate proposals & quotes, maintain contract information and lease agreements. The framework provides foundation processes that can be further configured and enhanced to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

Commercial Real Estate Accelerator


Process360’s Salesforce Commercial Real Estate Accelerator is designed for the real estate businesses to effectively manage the CRM process from running marketing campaigns to generate leads to Sales process for the Lead Management to Contract cycle and further to the post-sales process of managing customer service requests.

Real Estate

Commercial Properties     Residential Properties    Land Plots

The CRE Accelerator helps real estate companies manage complete Sales cycle from Lead sourcing, lead qualification to sales opportunity management, managing opportunity pipeline, generating proposals and quotes to managing contracts & lease agreements. The solution framework helps real estate companies manage property inventory and a 360 degree view of their customers.

The solution supports recording payment schedules / milestones for sales agreements and monthly rental schedules for lease contracts to track payments against milestones and provide alerts for payments.

The solution can also be extended to channel partners i.e., agents and partners for tracking leads and sales generated through channel partners (CPs)

Solution Functionality

Lead to Contract Cycle – Customer Journey